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The Semantic Web

Semantic Web Technology Stack

The Semantic Web a.k.a Linked Data Web is a term used to represent a well anticipated, next level technology on the world wide web. It is supposed to enable machine processing of data on the web. By machine processing, it means that your web enabled refrigerator can talk to the web! or Twitter cuts off your power on your locked house and sends you sms when your energy meter tweets you forgot to switch off something in a “look-ma-no-hands” way. ;).Yea thats what machine processing means. Machines starts to understand human language data.

For more info check wikipedia for Semantic Web. Also check Linked data page and linkeddata.org

Here are some Semantic web products you can try with

  1. Open calais
  2. Semsol
  3. Semantic Hacker
  4. Dbpedia
  5. Zemanta
  6. Bluereek
  7. Semantic Overflow
  8. Tones Project
  9. SearchMonkey by Yahoo
  10. Zitgist

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1. practical semantic web – creating a catalog of Linked data « Techstreams - April 4, 2010

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