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10 best useful web sites for everyone December 5, 2008

Posted by Anand Mallaya in internet, web.
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This is a list of the ten most useful websites for everyone.

1. GoogleThe search god

Dive in to the deep web. Google needs no introduction.

2. WikipediaThe Internet’s goddess of knowledge.

If your need is knowledge. Wikipedia is there. Tap into the wisdom of the crowds. Wikipedia will quench all your thirst for knowing the unknown. Use it with intelligence and virtuousness.

3. DeliciousThe memory of the Internet.

Bookmark what is delicious on the web. We can enjoy the creamy dish that surfaces from the crowd’s wisdom. The site allows to save bookmarks online. Plus you can share it with the public and see what others are bookmarking. Add some tags and you can organize and retrieve your favoourite links when needed.

4. BloggerYour own place on the web world.

Log your consciousness. Those who want there place on the world and the the web, can have your own for free. Populate it with your thoughts, photos, blogs ,activities, reviews etc.Share with others. See what they are saying about you and your stuff.

5. WikimapiaFor all those wander lusters. Maps, the editable map make you feel like you own the earth.

This is a collaborative map tool based on Google maps. The site allows you to mark places and add details about the place. Discover your neighborhood from the locals.There are satellite, map and hybrid views. Much like Google earth, plus you don’t need to install anything. Just go to wikimapia.org and you can wander where ever you want. Ofcourse not live data.

6. GmailEmail is now Gmail!!

The email nowadays got renamed to gmail. The amazing gmail with its clean interface, fast response and manageability along with the fast search feature rules out any other from competition. Add with it calendars, chat, news feeds, docs… Oh mama, My stomach is full.

7. BBC NewsClean, extensive, specialized and diverse News.

If you are looking for news. BBC is there in the business for a longtime. Very vast number of news ariticles, videos, images, opinions,polls and interviews. Unique look and feel and usability makes it unforgettable.

8. OrkutSocial enjoyment!!

Stay in touch with your friends where ever they are. Discover new friends, activity partners, like minded. Plus share your feelings, thoughts and life with those you know and love. Applications, groups, scraps, and networking makes it ultra social..

9. YoutubeVideos videos and more videos….

Never ending flow of streamin media. Gigantic collection of user contributed videos, in numerous categories fulfills your visual needs. Search and discover what ever you want to see. Add user power, comment and promote others content.

10. Flickrpublish all your snaps to the web.

Photos, the beauties and beasts frozen in time. Upload all those memorable moments trapped between the shutters to the world wide web. Tag and organize.Search and discover. Share with others. See others snaps. Places, people, animals, birds, mountains, oceans, night life…