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The Global Consciousness Project November 24, 2008

Posted by Anand Mallaya in technology.
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Humans are said to be selfaware, conscious animals. We are said to be evolved from animals. Life started as unicellular eucariots   and  evolved in to complex forms in time. An obvious fact in the complexity is the cooperative community of simpler forms. Like that the multicellular animals are nothing but a community of unicellular life forms. And the higher order animals continue the patterns by forming communities and groups. The phenomenon is visible from insects like bees and ants to mamals like humans. This is the fractal nature of life. It keeps forming higher order forms.


To concieve the concept you may want to look up at some of these concepts.

The Global Consciousness Project is a scientific experiment conducted by the Princeton University research group called PEAR ( Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research ). The project is a search for the existence of a global mind as we can concieve from the above theories. In a parellel world of computers, something similar is happening. A global brain is being developed by so called distributed intelligence. We can see that the patterns of the internet is going to be more and more complicated day by day. The emerging technologies like Semantic Web, Cloud computing and grid computing etc. are making the belief stronger that the direction is organic and naturally towards the same direction as that of how the neurons formed the human brain.

The GCP or Global Consciosness Project places devices called REGs (Random Event Generators), which are well-developed white noise generators distributed all over the world . These devices generate a random number per second continuously. Then the data is collected and statistically analysed. The data is then compared with real real world events. The sources say that these random data characteristics correlate with real world events which affect the consciousness of a large number of people. This is said to be an indication of a growing global consciousness. Thus we are capable of conscious evolution.
There is a counterpart of this in the world of computers. Which is another story. which I will tell you in another recent post.

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