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Videos on Semantic Web and Linked data July 25, 2010

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TED talks – Tim Berners Lee On the Next Web

TED -Talks – Tim Berners-Lee: The year open data went worldwide

TED Talks – Hans Rosling on HIV: New facts and stunning data visuals – A use-case of Linkeddata

Tim Berners lee talking about at Gov 2.0 Expo 2010

The Semantic Web of Data Tim Berners-Lee


Semantic Web bookmarks collection December 11, 2009

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Semantic Web

Twine – Organize, Share, Discover Information Around Your Interests | Twine
W3C Semantic Web Section
jaanix – tune the web
wiki.dbpedia.org : About
JavaScript Visual Wordnet
Distributed Object Computing Research Group Overview
SenseBot – semantic search engine that finds sense on the Web
Cognition :: Giving Technologies New Meaning
ProgrammableWeb – Mashups, APIs, and the Web as Platform
Planning a Semantic Web site
SPARQL Calendar Demo: Step-by-step Example – TechnicaLee Speaking
The Twitter Times: semanticwebnews

Data sources

Data Sets | Linked Data – Connect Distributed Data across the Web

The Map of Data – Sindice
Some Datasets Available on the Web » Data Wrangling Blog
Dapper: The Data Mapper


Why RDFa is the only Web scaleable metadata format for next-generation search engines
Semantic Web set for critical mass | Applications – InfoWorld
The Semantic Web in Action – Scientific American – December 2007
SitePoint » Obama’s Groundbreaking use of the Semantic Web
Cultivate Interactive Issue 7: Challenges for a Semantic Web
The original proposal of the WWW, HTMLized
The Semantic Web: opportunities and challenges for next-generation Web applications
4 New APIs: US Congress, Semantic Search, Fashion Search Engine, Read-Write Mapping
Tim Berners-Lee and the Semantic Web, Linked Data, RDF and a Worldwide Database « ResourceShelf
Official Google Blog: World Bank public data, now in search
When Linked Data Rules Fail at Frederick Giasson’s Weblog
The new smarter web – The Irish Times – Fri, Dec 04, 2009


Magpie – a tool for Semantic Web
Flex SPARQL Query Viewer
Create – Dorthy.com Alpha
HitCompanies | Find companies and export lists for free – Search Results
IYOUIT Portal – Share Life Blog Play
DailyPerfect, predictively personalized news, behavioral targeting technology
SearchMonkey – YDN
QDOS – measure your internet status
Visual Modeling Forum – Visual OWL
WikiProfessional Concept Web
Welcome to the Mulgara Project!
Neverspace : Main
OpenLink Data Explorer
OpenLink iSPARQL
Sindice data inspector



SPARQL By Example
OpenLink AJAX Toolkit (OAT) Wiki : Interactive Sparql Query Builder Basic Tutorial
SPARQL tutorial
The Semantic Web and Challenges – Slide list
Tutorial on OWL
Semantic Puzzle


Zitgist – Quality Linked Data Products and Services
semsol – semantic web solutions
TriviumRLG LLC | Strategic Development of Information Assets
The Semantic Puzzle | Open World Assumptions
Ontotext – Semantic Technology Developer
Semantic Technologies Center
FrontPage – The Open Knowledge Foundation


Home | OpenCalais
TaskForces/CommunityProjects/LinkingOpenData/SemWebClients – ESW Wiki
The Transducer
Tom Heath – Home
Semantic Agent – Programming Multi Agent Systems in SWRL
ebSemantics – enabling Semantic Web based E-Commerce
8th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC 2009)
Seminal resources on general semantics and ontologies ? – Semantic Overflow
Semantic Overflow
The Cambridge Semantic Web Meetup Group (Cambridge, MA) – Meetup.com
Tones – Home
BBC – Music – Home
backstage.bbc.co.uk :: Front Page :: |BBC’s developer network to encourage innovation and support new talent
Events/BONyConference – STLab
Linked Open Data Around-The-Clock
CKAN – Comprehensive Knowledge Archive Network
SchemaWeb – RDF schema directory
Linkeddata research centre at DERI
New York Times
Ordnance Survey – UK
Linked data at Guardian

The semantic web – the rise of the omniscient December 3, 2008

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Semantic(defenition:related to meaning) web is a term given to identify a new pattern of development of the Internet. The semantic web also known as the data web is an initiative to give meaning to the data hidden in the web and give the ability for knowledge discovery. The proposal is to add meta data with the actual data so that the data can be processed by machines. Which will enable to discover hidden association that is hardly visible in the current framework. The semantic web is based on a set of frameworks to structure data, query and process it.
The Semantic web stack consists mainly the data representation frameworks like RDF framework, OWL framework and the SPARQL query language. These are in draft phase at the W3 consortium.
To understand how the semantic web will be, try to recollect the “people you may know” suggestions made by your social networking site like Orkut or Facebook. These web application processes your friends list and your friends’ friends lists and guesses whom you may be knowing. You save time to search each friends long friends list and gets useful informations effortlessly. This is how you can imagine about Semantic web. In this case the processing is done by the web application on the data you provided to that application only. In semantic web the processing can be applied to the entire web provided they conform to the standards.
These experts says is one step forward to the direction of an Artificial Intelligent web. Something we have heard only in the Science fiction like the Skynet in Terminator series. Already a lot of web companies are busy creating the next big thing on the Internet after Google. A list of sites are given below to guide your imagination.

  1. Twine.com
  2. Powerset.com
  3. Hakia.com-the semantic searchengine
  4. Swoogle-another
  5. Twine.com
  6. Another possibility is the natural language querry processing. You may be able to serch using plain english rather than keywords.

  7. Trueknowledge

To know more about the technology that may change the future of the web and our life here are some useful links.

  1. semantic web wikipedia ariticle
  2. semantic web activity on w3.org
  3. SIMILE project at MIT

Thus the emergence of the semantic web may be the rise of the omniscient machines.