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10 exciting Science/Technology events of 2009 December 31, 2009

Posted by Anand Mallaya in technology.
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This is a list of  10 exciting events of 2009 related to Science/Technology.

1.Google Chrome OS announced (Tech)

Google announced its entry in to the Operating System world with its Chrome OS. A straight display of their ambition to challenge Microsoft and Apple. Google’s entry to cloud computing.

2.Large Hadron Collider revived (Science/Tech)

The biggest experiment in the history of human civilization revived after initial set backs. Conducting experiments setting record on fastest paricle acceleration

3. Launch of WolframAlpha (Tech)

An unconventional but still mysterious concept called computational knowledge engine dubbed WolframAlpha is a promise of technology and a new way to deal with the web of data.

4. Robot does science experiment(Tech)

A break through in Artificial Intelligence. A robot, called Adam, successfully conducted scientific experiment and discovered scientific knowledge for the first time. Another promise of technology. BBC news article

5. Indus valley script decoded(Science/Tech)

Using pattern recognition technologies, researchers were able to identify language like patterns in one of the earliest writing system of human civilization. Wired.com article

6. Chandrayan Mission (Science/Tech)

India successfully launched its prestigious indigenously developed moon mission.

7. Water found on Moon(Science/Tech)

Convincing evidence of presence of water on moon discovered by equipments mounted on the Chandtrayaan mission and again by LCROSS mission by NASA.

8. Evidence of Dark matter(Science)

Dark matter detected in scientific experiments. Gurdian news

9. Nuclear battery(Science/Tech)

Tiny nuclear batteries were demonstrated by scientists. BBC news article

10. Ice found on Mars(Science)

The Phoenix Mars Lander of NASA came up with evidence for water ice on Mars polar region. Space.com report

This list is my personal compilation. There may be more significant events that are not included. Please feel free to share your events.



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