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The semantic web – the rise of the omniscient December 3, 2008

Posted by Anand Mallaya in internet, technology, web.
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Semantic(defenition:related to meaning) web is a term given to identify a new pattern of development of the Internet. The semantic web also known as the data web is an initiative to give meaning to the data hidden in the web and give the ability for knowledge discovery. The proposal is to add meta data with the actual data so that the data can be processed by machines. Which will enable to discover hidden association that is hardly visible in the current framework. The semantic web is based on a set of frameworks to structure data, query and process it.
The Semantic web stack consists mainly the data representation frameworks like RDF framework, OWL framework and the SPARQL query language. These are in draft phase at the W3 consortium.
To understand how the semantic web will be, try to recollect the “people you may know” suggestions made by your social networking site like Orkut or Facebook. These web application processes your friends list and your friends’ friends lists and guesses whom you may be knowing. You save time to search each friends long friends list and gets useful informations effortlessly. This is how you can imagine about Semantic web. In this case the processing is done by the web application on the data you provided to that application only. In semantic web the processing can be applied to the entire web provided they conform to the standards.
These experts says is one step forward to the direction of an Artificial Intelligent web. Something we have heard only in the Science fiction like the Skynet in Terminator series. Already a lot of web companies are busy creating the next big thing on the Internet after Google. A list of sites are given below to guide your imagination.

  1. Twine.com
  2. Powerset.com
  3. Hakia.com-the semantic searchengine
  4. Swoogle-another
  5. Twine.com
  6. Another possibility is the natural language querry processing. You may be able to serch using plain english rather than keywords.

  7. Trueknowledge

To know more about the technology that may change the future of the web and our life here are some useful links.

  1. semantic web wikipedia ariticle
  2. semantic web activity on w3.org
  3. SIMILE project at MIT

Thus the emergence of the semantic web may be the rise of the omniscient machines.



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